Google Search Launches New Yorker-esque Cartoon Caption Challenge

Google just launched a search caption challenge to see who can come up with a caption that best describes what a cartoon character is searching for on Google.

"As a lifelong fan and connoisseur of New Yorker style cartoons, I always believed in the power of humor not just to entertain but to enlighten," Google VP of Engineering and Cartoons Udi Manber writes on the Google blog. "I have tried to connect humor to everything I do (although, I have to admit, not always successfully). The best cartoonists possess great insights, which they illustrate in a clever package that we can consume in seconds and yet remember for years."

To submit a caption, go to Inside Search and submit your idea. It will automatically appear on the site, and you can share it with friends via a unique link. You can also vote on your favorite submissions and the most popular will rise to the top. There will not be any prizes, though, a Google spokesperson tells LAUNCH via email.

"We've left it to you to imagine what they'd be searching for at that moment, and left the caption blank for you to fill in with your answer," Udi writes.

Currently, there are 23 cartoons available on the site. For the cartoon pictured above, users have already submitted captions like "How to tell someone nicely that they have smelly feet" and "how to escape from limbo."

Since beginning as a research project in 1996, Google has made 6K+ improvements to search, the company reported in November. Most recently, Google added mathematical graphing functionality to Search.