Google Rolling Out Face Recognition for Google+ Photos

[UPDATE: A Google spokesperson says that it is more so facial detection, rather than facial recognition. ]

Google+ now has face recognition software in its photo uploader to make tagging "quicker and easier," Google+ Photos engineer Nathan Davis writes on G+.

"Whenever you create an album we now show you all the faces found in that album in one place," Nathan writes. "All you have to do is group the photos of each person’s face together and tag them with their name or email address. When you’re done, a notification is sent to each person you tagged. They can decide whether to approve the tags."

You can access the new tagging feature when you create a new album, add photos from the sharebox or tag an existing album.

Back in December 2010, Facebook added Suggested Tags to identify friends in photos using face recognition software. Just yesterday, Facebook also started letting users tag photos while they upload.

LAUNCH has contacted Google to see if after you tag faces of friends, Google+ will then be able to recognize those same friends when you upload new photos of them. We will update this story if we receive a response.

Back in September, Google+ started allowing full size photo downloads, opened to the public and added search to the platform.