Google+ Releases Update to iOS App

Google rolled out the latest version of Google+ for iOS today to let iPhone users join Hangouts from the mobile app, set profile photos and +1 on comments.

The latest release includes improved +mention support and the Google+ Messenger -- previously called "Huddle" -- has photo messaging capabilities. The update also includes a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements that include an improved public people search.

Anish Acharya, Google+ mobile product manager, announced the release on his Google+ account on Friday evening.

Google+ opened to the public earlier this week, in addition to announcing a slew of new features including Hangout support on Android 2.3+ phones with front facing cameras. Members can also share their screens, Google docs and collaboratively draw with sketchpad while in a Hangout [ see our story here ].

Since the public launch, the Google+ community has grown and some users have experienced an increase in spam posted on the social network [ see our story here ].


Anish Acharya



You can now join a Hangout right from your phone. 

Hangout in progress. The video camera icon pauses the video but the sound still remains. 

Users can now send images using the Messenger.

Users can +1 posts directly using the iPhone app.