Google Releases Stable Version of Chrome 14

Google released a stable version of Chrome today to give developers more tools to create web apps and games, and improve functionality for users on Mac OS X Lion. 

The release features the Web Audio API, which lets developers add advanced audio effects, and the Native Client, an open-source technology that allows developers to easily code in C and C++ languages.

Developers can use the Web Audio API to create interactive games and applications, like a drum machine (see below), real-time analyzer and virtual pool.

The Native Client currently only supports applications listed in the Chrome store, but will soon support other apps, Google Software Engineer Brad Chen writes on the Chrome blog. 

Chrome 14 features Lion's overlay scrollbars (see below), which appear on top of the window's content while the user is scrolling.  The update also features full-screen support by clicking a button or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F.

Google uses four release channels to roll out Chrome updates to users. The Canary build, which is not tested or used before releases, is the least stable channel. Canary releases tend to come out daily. The Stable channel, which receives full testing, releases updates roughly every six weeks.


Brad Chen, Engineering Manager