Google Quietly Tests New Navigation Bar, Ditches Black Bar

For all of you Googlers who love the black navigation bar, you might have to kiss it goodbye. Google is testing a new navigation bar that omits the black bar, lists Google services in a drop-down menu, and features notifications and the sharing options next to the search box [ h/t ].   

In August at UX Week 2011, Google Lead Designer for Search Jon Wiley showed screenshots of the new unified interface, and noted that Google is in the midst of its largest redesign ever.
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In June, Google introduced the black search bar at the top of all Google pages. In this current test, the black bar is now a pull-down feature that is accessible by clicking the down arrow next to the Google logo.

"Some of what you'll see has been launched," Jon said at UX Week 2011. "Some of it hasn't launched...and some of it will never launch."
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The current test of the navigation bar features the new share and notifications icons, as seen from Jon's presentation in August.


Instead of the horizontal black bar that features Google services, there is now a drop-down menu.

Search page mock-up from Jon's presentation.

UX Week 2011 | Jon Wiley | Whoa, Google Has Designers! from Adaptive Path on Vimeo.


Jon Wiley, Lead Designer for Google Search
Twitter: @jonwiley