Google+ Now Lets You Ignore People (without Blocking Them)


Google+ now allows you to "ignore" less interesting or prolific people in your circles, similar to hiding posts in your Facebook news feed -- but won't tell those people you're ignoring them.

When you "ignore" someone, Google+ blocks that individual's posts from appearing in your incoming stream, stops notifying you of the person's activities and removes the person from your Circles page.

"Between Ignore and Block, we want to help you bring the nuance and richness of your real-life relationships to Google+ -- whether you want to connect with a person or not," Google+ Product Manager Sean Purcell says in this video [ no creepy giraffe this time as seen here and here, hmmm ]. 

There are a few different ways to ignore someone. In both the "notifications" tab and stream, users can simply click "ignore" next to a person's name. Users can also ignore someone from the incoming stream and ignore multiple people from the Circles page. However, users cannot ignore someone from that person's profile page.

If you change your mind, you can un-ignore from the "More Actions" tab on the Circles page or simply add that user back to a circle.

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