Google Music Tour Lets You Build Electronic Song and Keep It

The Google Music tour offers an incredibly interactive experience where you build a song while learning more about what Google Music has to offer.

On the site's landing page, you can mouse over each colored line to hear a different note. Moving your mouse quickly across the lines reminds us of playing up and down a piano scale.

While you cannot create your own original song, you can build "Zero Gravity," an electronic song by Teddybears created specifically for Google Music.

"Pick a feature below to start the tour and build an exclusive song that's yours to keep," the landing page states.

Each feature -- discover, shop, listen, organize and share -- is its own instrument. The different instruments include percussion, electronic piano, electric guitar, bass guitar and more. No matter what feature you decide to learn about first, you will hear Teddybears' "Zero Gravity" song in its intended order.  

"As you click through the tour and add music layers, lines are drawn dynamically to the HTML5 canvas based on volume data of the music, and then played audibly through the Web Audio API," Google Chrome posted to Google+.

What you can control is when the different instruments will enter the song. What's also awesome is when you activate a new track, you'll see a visualization of wave forms.

Google Music, which just launched this week, lets users store up to 20K songs and access them through its app for Android phones and tablets, in addition to on the web.

Check out the tour and let us know what you think in the comments.


Click a feature to play the next instrument and build the song.

The visualization of four instruments.

Once you build the song and finish the tour, Google lets you access it for free with Google Music