Google+ Integrates Hangouts In-Stream, Opens 'On Air' to More Users

Google+ users can now hangout from any post and even better, broadcast and record their Hangout to watch later on YouTube.

As part of Google+'s effort to go "beyond the status update," the social network added a Hangout button underneath every post. When you click Hangout, Google+ will add an invitation to the comments stream.

Google+ is also opening the On Air feature to hundreds of more public figures, celebrities and other users with a large following on Google+. By integrating with YouTube, Google+ will upload a private full-length recording to your account. For those with access to On Air, you will see a "broadcast and record" option after starting a Hangout, and can access these features through Google+ Messenger, as well. Google+ will eventually roll out this feature to everyone.

Google+ first launched On Air when they opened the service to the public in late September. hosted the first On Air Hangout followed by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu in October.
When Google+ rolls out all of these features, you will also start to see up to three live Hangouts that you can join on the right-hand side of your stream and will receive a mobile notification when someone invites you to a Hangout.

Earlier this month, Google+ launched voice calling in Hangouts with Extras so users could call friends and family in the U.S. and Canada for free, and make fairly cheap international calls. Now, Google has made this a staple in its main product.

For the month of December, you can add a pair of antlers to your head while hanging out. In November, users could add virtual mustaches to their faces.