Google+ Gives You Breaking News with Real-time Search Results

Google+ is gradually rolling out real-time search results and better support for hashtags by automatically linking them to search results, Vic Gundotra posted on his Google+ page.

Last month, Google integrated search into Google+ [ see our story here ]. Now, when you search in Google+, you'll see new posts relating to your search query as they appear.
While using hashtags on Google+ is not required, the service will automatically link to them in search results. For instance, if you share something with #iOS5, users visiting your profile will be able to click on that link and see other posts with that same hashtag.

Users on Google+ are posting positive reviews.

"Awesome," +David Seaman, an investor, writes on Google+. "Real-time search will be great for following news events as they unfold...that's really the only value I find on Twitter still."

Phillip Rhodes CEO of Fogbeam Labs, writes, "That is mondo radical! Hashtags have been a glaring omission up to this point, very happy to see that support added. Keep up the good work, rad dudes..."

In early Google+ updates, a creepy giraffe has accompanied the Google employee [ see our stories here and here ]. The giraffe is gone, but now there's a large bird, with its head out of the frame, perched in the background. Maybe the bird ate the giraffe?



Vic Gundotra
Twitter: @VicGundotra