Google--errr... Motorola -- Launches Awesome Nike+ Competitor

The world is going to be a lot different if all of these interesting Motorola devices start having Google branding. Imagine if this device was integrated with Google Health -- oh wait, they shut that down didn't they?

Motorola debuted its new fitness device that will compete with Nike+, the MOTOACTV, today at the Motorola Droid RAZR event in New York City.

So, just imagine if the MOTOACTV was hooked up to Google+ to syndicate your workouts and help you find friends to go running with.

Of course, there are rumors that Google will shed all of the hardware and just keep the patents, but we don't buy that for a second. Larry Page is a gangster who wants to change the world. He knows exactly how to do it: create products like Steve Jobs did. Motorola will be re-branded as Google and Google will make the best Android hardware. We're 100% sure of it.