Google Docs Gets New Look -- Have You Seen It?

Google docs officially unveiled an update to its look and feel earlier this month, but have you seen the new look yet?

The first things you notice: no more colorful "Google docs" logo and its grayness. Document pages feel cleaner and the controls at the top of the document are slightly larger.



The update also includes -- hallelujah! -- keyboard shortcuts for navigating your docs. From your main Docs page, "C" opens a drop down menu to create a new document, "Shift T" a new text document, "Shift P" a new presentation and "Shift S" a new spreadsheet.

If you don't have the new design already, click the gear icon on the top-right hand side after you log onto Google Docs. From the pull-down menu, select "Try the new look." You can switch back to the classic view if you prefer.

In June, Google announced the beginning of a series of design changes, including the addition of a black navigation bar and a smaller logo. 

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