Google+ Direct Connect for Brands Could Kill Facebook Pages

Google+ has finally released pages for brands in addition to Google+ Direct, which offers a quick and efficient way for customers to find brand pages via Google search using the "+" operator. 

Now, if a user types +Angry Birds or the name of any other brand with a Google+ page into the Google search bar, they will be directed to that company's Google+ page, and will automatically start following that page. Additionally, Google+ pages are now featured in Google search results. 

What this means is users can now easily bypass all other Google search results, such as the company's Facebook or Twitter pages. Take Angry Birds, for example. The first instance of the Facebook page for Angry Birds appears on the second page of Google's search results. 

In late August, Google+ started integrating company pages in a drop-down menu when editing your profile. As of now, LAUNCH's page is still suspended, along with those of several other companies. LAUNCH has contacted Google for more information as to when brand pages will roll out for everyone.

Back in July, Google took heat for allowing some Google+ brand pages to exist on the site, but not those of every brand. While companies like Mashable, The Next Web and Breaking News were allowed to keep their profiles, the LAUNCH page, along with others were suspended.

Companies with working pages include Pepsi, Angry Birds, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360 and more. Google+ launched to the public in mid-September, which consequently opened up the spam floodgates.


Google+ brand pages video.

Angry Birds brand page on Google+.

To see if you are eligible to create a Google+ brand page, click here

When LAUNCH editors signed into our Google+ account, we were sad to see that we are still not eligible for a page.