Google+ Brings Games to Notification Bar

Google+ is rolling out changes to the notification bar to make it easier to see game invitations and gifts from friends.

"All your gifts and invitations will be coalesced under a single notification," Google+ Games Product Manager Satyajeet Salgar writes on G+.

G+ users have already starting posting feedback regarding game notifications.

"Honestly, the last thing on my mind with G+ was the ability to see game notifications easier," G+ user Joshua Rupp writes. "I specifically left Facebook because I got tired of the game spam flooding out all the stuff I was actually interested in."

Users, however, can click "Mute game notifications" to stop receiving gaming updates. 

Joshua also suggested that Google+ incorporate a stream specifically for games, with each game having its own sub-stream, which prompted the following response from Satyajeet:

"Good suggestion +Joshua Rupp. Thanks!" 

Google+ launched games in August. See our story [ here ]. 

[ Screen shots after the jump. ]

The notifications tab now shows game-related activity. Click the arrow to the right of the games icon to see all notifications. 

Users see a stream of game invites and gifts. You can click "Play now" to join a friend or click "Mute game notifications" to stop receiving updates.


Satyajeet Salgar, Google+ Games Product Manager
Twitter: @salgar