Google Adds Chart Editor to Google Sites

Google spreadsheet users celebrated the ability to edit charts in Google Docs back in Oct. 2010, but now Google Sites users can also now add charts.

Users have two options as far as chart modes go for their sites. They can choose to use the "Live" version which will display the most recent data added to the spreadsheet, or they can choose to do a "Snapshot" view for a specific point in time -- and their chart will not be affected by changes made to the original data sheet.

LAUNCH has contacted Google for comment about the delay in integrating charts for Google Sites. 

To add a chart to your site, in the edit mode users just need to click the "insert" drop down and then select "chart".

There they will be able to select from charts already created in a spreadsheet or select a range of data and manipulate display options, labels and axes. Or let the chart editor recommend a chart style.


Hillel Maoz, Google software engineer