Go H.A.M. in Google Street View Shooter Game

[UPDATE 12/13 4:44pm PT: The Business Insider reported today that Google pulled their right to use the Street View API due to a violation of the terms of service. ]

[UPDATE 2:29pm PT: The Google Shot View game is back online but still in violation of the Google Maps API terms of use.]

[UPDATE 1:04pm PT: The Google Shoot View game is no longer available on the Pool Worldwide server. Note that it violates the Google Maps API terms of use.]

First-person shooter game Google Shoot View, created by Dutch advertising agency Pool Worldwide, lets you take an M4A1 to the streets, walk around and unleash fire on anyone and anything. Or in the words of Kanye West and Jay-Z, you can go H.A.M

With a rifle overlaid on top of Google Maps, you can shoot anything that appears on Google Maps Street View. There's no screaming, blood or guts like in Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, but you can still shoot at real-life locations, people and police, and hear the sounds of an automatic rifle. Moving the mouse lets you look around the surrounding area, clicking initiates shooting and the holding the up arrow lets you walk.

"Great... just what we need... a simulator for unemployed to practice their routes about town before they go postal, just in time for 2012," one user writes in the comments on Business Insider. 

Google Maps recently added indoor maps features to airports and malls. Let's just hope that Pool Worldwide doesn't decide to take the shooter game inside.

The Dutch agency wanted to make the game viral, according to tweets.

"@PoolWorldwide GoogleShootView is awesome. It might prove more viral if you activated the link tab and could send a location link to friends," @KeirClarke tweeted.

In response, @PoolWorldwide tweeted that they are working on it. 

LAUNCH has contacted Pool Worldwide and will update this story if we receive a response. 

Pool Worldwide, founded in 2006, is an Amsterdam-based creative agency "built on a firm belief in today's media literate audience."