Gmail Mobile Adds Multiple Sign-ins and Vacation Auto-Responder

Gmail in your mobile browser now allows you to sign in to multiple accounts, a mobile-specific signature and a vacation auto-responder, announced Google on the company's blog

After you log in to your Gmail account a menu pops up that gives you the option to sign into an additional account at the same time. From the account menu, you can then easily switch between accounts without having to log out of one before signing in to another.

Gmail added the ability to attach a mobile-specific signature because when users are hastily tapping away on their smartphones and the auto-correct function corrects your misspellings into completely different words, you can let your recipients know that you are using a mobile device.

The vacation auto-responder lets you set up an auto-reply message when you are out of the office or have another reason you will not be responding to emails.


You can now set up an auto-reply to alert people trying to contacting you that you are out of the office or unavailable.


Dominic Leung, Google Mobile Software Engineer