Get Ready for It: A New, Simpler Gmail

Gmail has completely redesigned Gmail, which goes in sync with its mission to have a unified look throughout all Google products.

In the next few days, you'll have the option to experience streamlined conversations. In every thread, it will be easier to identify contacts with added profile pictures. Also, while scrolling through emails, the navigation panel will remain in view.

You now also have more control over the density -- comfortable, cozy, compact -- of the Gmail view. Other features include new HD themes and search through a drop-down menu.

Yesterday, LAUNCH editors found screen shots of the new navigation bar Google is testing. At UX Week 2011, Google Lead Designer for Search Jon Wiley explained how Google is going for a more unified interface across products.


Streamlined conversations. 

Density settings.

The navigation panel always stays in sight while you scroll. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate. 

 Use the drop-down menu to search. You can also create filters within any search.