Game on: Developers Can Make Games for All Devices with Creative Brain Studios


WHAT: Enable game developers to make games that can be used on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Creative Brain Studios' Engine is built on HTML5. Games are deployed to the cloud.

LAUNCHERS: Brian Booker, CEO [ @bookergames, LinkedIn ], Joe Sengir, CTO [ LinkedIn ], Gerald Wallner, VP Development [ @GeraldWallner, LinkedIn ]

INSPIRATION: Says Gerald, "We've had decades of experience making top gaming titles, and in every one of those projects, we saw the custom tools we were making could have value for other developers. We also saw for the first time in history smart phones and tablets were outselling personal computers at the same time the gaming industry was exploding to over $20B with casual and social games. We did an exhaustive evaluation of HTML5 and found it was truly multi-platform and that a game engine built around it would be huge."

BUSINESS MODEL: Monthly subscriptions at the indie or pro level to access the component marketplace and an optional cloud-based hosting service.

HOW IT'S DIFFERENT FROM UNITY TECHNOLOGIES: "Unity is a 3D game engine that requires the purchase of exporters for multi-platform compatibility. Our game engine provides HTML5 client applications that run on over a billion smart phones tablets and computers - even on some internet enabled TVs."

INVESTORS: Beyond Techstars -- not disclosing.

RAISING: Process of closing a $500K seed round.