Foundry Group: It's Hard Being a VC (Video)

The Foundry Group launched a digital short today, entitled "I'm a VC," that comedically illustrates the lives of venture capitalists.

"Hey, you been on my mind," Foundry Managing Director Jason Mendelson sings. "Been at least a few hours since I've seen your slides. Since I met you at the Rosewood or was it South by. Time for us to talk about our future lives." 

"I'm a VC" stars Jason, along with the other Foundry Managing Directors Brad Feld, Seth Levine and Ryan McIntyre. The short "gives insight into the VC ecosystem that the public has never seen before," according to the video description. "VCs deal with many difficult issues on a regular basis that few know about, including what to eat for lunch competing with friends and family for deal flow, and feeling insecure about their choice of college education."

Last month, Cardinal co-founder Cory Smith recorded a rap song that highlights the startup life, from raising capital to getting coverage. "Takin' VC Money (Money, Cash, IPOs)" is an anthem for startups, while "I'm a VC" speaks more to investors. 

"It's been a decade since the balance of power shifted permanently from VCs to entrepreneurs and few people have noticed," Jason told the Foundry Group. "The film is a wake up call to the startup ecosystem. VCs have real problems. We have feelings, too."

"I'm a VC" is sponsored by Jason and Brad's book Venture Deals: Be Smarter than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist, which offers insight on venture financing and aims to be a must-read for entrepreneurs. 

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