Flickr Launches Photo Session--Google Hangouts for Photos--and New Android App

Flickr has just launched Photo Session so up to 10 people can look at photos together, draw on the photos and chat about them in real time from their desktop computer, iPhone or iPad.

The new Flickr app for Android has Instagram-like filters and allows sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and WordPress.

We have asked Flickr, which Yahoo owns, when Photo Session will be available on Android and will update if we receive a response.

Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake co-founded Flickr in 2002 and sold the photo-sharing site to Yahoo in 2005 for a reported $30M.

You can start a Photo Session on any set that has sharing enabled. Sign in with your Yahoo ID (necessary for accessing features like drawing) or with Facebook or Google.
Once you're in, you'll get the welcome page.

Click on the middle icon in the top-right to invite more people. You'll get a URL for your session that you can copy/paste into an email or chat with a friend.

The pen icon on the left gives you 12 colors for drawing on the photo. The pen width is not adjustable, and there's no way to delete or undo/start over with your drawing. Anything you draw is visible to others in your session.

You can adjust the size of the chat window wide enough to cover part of the photo. The chat window shows the chat in the left tab and the list of guests in the right tab. Enter your comments in the far-right side of the bottom bar. When one person moves to the next photo in the set, the image on your screen also changes.

For fun or to call attention to a certain detail, you can draw on the photo. Click the pen icon if you want to view the photo without the drawing.

You don't have to move at the same pace as the group. Click the "browse on your own button" on the right side of the bottom bar (next to where you enter your comments). A small window that shows which photos the group is viewing will pop up. You can rejoin your friends by clicking "go back to the group."


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