First Look: Spotify with Music Discovery Apps and Google-like Search

If you don't feel like waiting for Spotify to launch its revamped platform, you can download the beta version to start using apps right now.

Currently, there are 11 apps available for music discovery in the App Finder, such as Rolling Stone, Wearehunted, Pitchfork, Fuse and Songkick Concerts. Some of our favorites are, Soundrop and Moodagent. is awesome for music recommendations based on music you've liked in the past. What's even better is that you can then create a playlist based on those recommendations to access on Spotify.

As you listen to music on Spotify, the app provides information like artist bios and similar tracks playlists.

Soundrop lets you create a music spot where you add a playlist to listen to with friends. Who needs to go to when you can listen to music with your friends on Spotify?

With Moodagent, you can quickly discover songs based on what song you're currently playing or your mood. Also, it lets you visualize and modify the mood of the playlist.

When Daniel Ek previewed the TuneWiki app today at the "What's Next for Spotify?" event, we were immediately interested because we thought it'd be perfect for karaoke. But it's actually bittersweet because the lyrics are not perfectly in sync with the song.

The fact that you have to hit N or press "Next Line" after you hear the lyric is a bit annoying.  A nice feature for TuneWiki is the music map, which shows you where in the world people are playing the same song you're listening too.

Other updates to Spotify include a revamped main page, options to set friends as a favorites and better search. Spotify search is more like Google.

Before the update, searching for a song would bring up a list of unorganized results. But now that Spotify search is more like Google, as you type, Spotify starts populating a list of content in a drop-down menu organized into top hit, tracks, playlists, artists and albums.

While Spotify did release significant features, Janko Roettgers at GigaOm writes that he is disappointed. 

"Spotify’s apps are simple HTML5 web apps that can only be launched within the company’s desktop client," Janko writes. "That’s particularly disappointing after we have seen how much the web can do for Spotify."


Spotify app main page.

In the People tab, your friends are displayed in a grid layout with Facebook profile pictures.

Click "Add to Favorites" to be able to quickly access music from friends in the sidebar.

App Finder.

You can easily add recommended tracks to a Spotify playlist.

Soundrop lets you listen to music with friends in real-time.

A mood playlist based on a song in Moodagent.

New search.