Finally: YouTube Adds Instagram-like Filters with Help from Picnik Developers

YouTube has updated its existing video editor to include 14 Instagram-like filters and one-click color correction. Users can edit existing videos without losing their video ID, view count and link integrity.

The filters include a black and white, sepia, lomo-ish, thermal, old fashioned, comic book, cinemascope and soften.

YouTube's video editor developers admired fellow Google-owned company Picnik's camera filters so much they worked with Picnik and used some of their code for the YouTube filters, YouTube spokesperson Jacques Herbert told LAUNCH.

Google acquired Picnik in March 2010 for an undisclosed amount.

When the video editor launched in June 2010, it only allowed users to combine multiple videos, trim the beginning/ending of videos and add soundtracks. YouTube's intent was to help its users make higher-quality videos, not replace hardcore editing programs like Final Cut Pro.

In March, YouTube added more features, including the ability to create video transitions, rotate and stabilize video and manipulate color. It also increased the number of videos that could be used in the editor from six to 17.

Here is YouTube's video explanation of how to use its new features.