Finally -- Google Lets Apps Customers Build Google+ Profiles

[ Google Apps account administrators can read these tips for rolling out Google+ here. ]

Editor's note: See our follow-up to this piece: Big Question for Google+: How to Deal with Multiple Profiles for the Same Person?

Since the day Google+ launched in late June, we've wanted Google+ profiles linked to our Google Apps accounts, and now we can.

The process took nearly four months because "It took more technical work than we expected to bring Google+ to Google Apps, and we thank you for your patience," according to the official post on the Google Enterprise blog.

UPDATE [10/27/11 at 12:21pm]: We figured that as with other Google Apps products, the administrator would have access to Google+ profiles, too. A Google spokesperson has confirmed this: "The administrator can access, modify or delete user data at any time without the user’s permission."

Apps users may not have immediate access. As Google VP Bradley Horowitz said in the comments of his own Google+ post on the news, "Folks - apologies for this, but in general these features take hours (sometimes days) to roll out across our server farms and data centers. Stay tuned and reload often ;-)"

One of the coolest features of Google+ for apps accounts is the ability to have Hangouts with your team that include your shared Google docs:

And just like you keep people in different circles for your personal life, you can put team members in different circles so you're only sharing info with people who care that a meeting time has changed.

Google knows that plenty of people will want to migrate their existing Google+ profiles to their apps accounts, so a migration tool is in the works and will be out "in a few weeks" according to the official blog post.

Have you gotten access to Google+ for your apps account yet? Discuss in the comments.