Finally: Evernote Launches Skitch for iPad, iPhone App Coming Soon

We've been waiting for Skitch integration with Evernote ever since they acquired the popular photo editing Mac app in August but now it's finally here.

"Millennia ago, all you needed to get a point across to your buddies was charcoal and a cave wall or a pointy stick and some sand," the Evernote blog states. "Now, we sit for hours crafting passive-agressive emails to make a point that once was communicated with an arrow and a grunt. There’s beauty in that simplicity. Let’s return to it."

While Evernote launched Skitch for Android earlier this year, until today, iOS users could not use Skitch on their devices.

With Skitch for iPad, you can draw and annotate photos, screen shots, maps and webpages. Thanks to Evernote's recent acquisition of Skitch, you can easily save your work to Evernote or share it with friends. 

Skitch for iPad also features a built-in web browser to easily annotate websites, as well as a native Skitch Map. 

As Don Southard of Mac Stories writes, the home screen style interface is slightly underwhelming.

"I am not personally a fan of apps that lump their main features in to a grid of large square icons. I think it is a lazy approach to user experience on a touch screen device," Don writes. "The fonts, colors and images used for the layout elements makes the entire app feel like a cartoon."

However, the drawing tools are well implemented as a collection of icons down the left-hand side -- similar to a Photoshop toolbar.

Another caveat is that you can only sign in with your Evernote account. That means that all of the fun things you Skitched on your computer are much harder to access, though, not impossible. 

"We built our iOS version of Skitch first for iPad because it’s the ideal form factor for tactile annotation, the Evernote blog states. "Fear not, Skitch for iPhone is in the works."