Fashionistas Rejoice: Brandslane Collects and Organizes the Best Fashion Email Offers

To find out which retailers have great email-only specials, you have to subscribe to their announcements, which can overwhelm your inbox. Brandslane gives fashionistas and bargain-hunters one place to view the best email advertisements from more than 100 brands including Barneys, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus and Bebe.

"Going through all these emails was bit of a pain," founder Ely Fall tells LAUNCH. "I built BL to be one place where I can go to daily and browse these offers. I can easily search for previous deals. I thought if I have this problem, maybe others will too."

Ely says he goes through about 65 emails per day, and 40 ads or deals get published and organized by brand so you can check out previous offers as well. Brandslane went live in April, but hasn't had an official launch.

"Similarly to print ads (and unlike banner ads) they give designers a huge amount of real estate to play with, allowing them to unleash their creativity," Ely tells LAUNCH via email. "I pick up GQ magazines just for the creatives."

So far Brandslane is only incorporating email campaigns, but Ely would like to incorporate print ads as well.

"Fashionistas love the idea of waiting with their fingers crossed for a deal from GILT and HauteLook," Ely says. "A brand shows up once per quarter and you need to catch it or wait another couple of months. In my opinion brands are already sending the best deals to their own customers via email. Why wait? Only 'new-money' pays full price. Smart money checks with the brands they like."

But you do have to watch the fine print on some of these deals which can last anywhere from a few day to only a few hours when stock runs out.




Ely Fall
Email: 1000app at gmail dot com