Facebook's Open Graph Boosts Growth at Spotify, 4M More Users since f8

Facebook developers for music services such as Spotify, Earbits, MOG, Rdio and Slacker, have already benefited from the Open Graph since f8, which lets them heavily integrate a social experience into their apps.

"Since f8, people have shared their listening activity more than 1.5 billion times with their friends using the music apps that have integrated the Open Graph," Facebook's Casey Maloney Rosales Muller writes on the Developer blog. "As a result, some of our biggest music developers have more than doubled their active users, while earlier-stage startups and services starting with a smaller base have seen anywhere between a 2-10x increase in active users."

Here are the highlights: Since f8, Spotify added 4M users, Earbits saw a 1350% increase in the number of users becoming a "fan" of the band they're listening to, Rdio experienced a 30x increase in new user registrations from Facebook, MOG experienced a 246% growth and Slacker saw more than an 11x increase in monthly active users in the month following f8.

Facebook received heat following the announcement at f8 that Spotify would require a Facebook account in order to use the service. In late September, Spotify started letting users control their sharing on Facebook by letting them opt-out of social sharing on Facebook, which means they no longer get personal recommendations from Spotify.

The Open Graph is the most significant update to Platform since it launched in 2007, expanding the capabilities and opportunities for social apps, from music to TV to news to lifestyle apps such as cooking, fitness, and travel," Bret Taylor, Facebook CTO wrote on the Facebook developer blog in September.
Casey writes that in order to make the most out of your Open Graph experience, there are certain best practices to follow.  

"Once you have connected users and have clearly set the expectation up front that they will be in a social experience, you benefit from an increased volume of sharing and virality for your app through News Feed, Ticker and Timeline," Casey writes. 

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