Facebook's "Like" Extension for Chrome Less Popular than Google +1 Extension


Facebook quietly released a Like button extension for Google Chrome in early July -- but nobody had picked up on it until today, just two days after Google's +1 extension for Chrome

The Like extension lets users like, recommend and share content directly from any website as well as right-click on a page and select a sharing option [ see below]. While the +1 extension has racked up 14K downloads, the Like extension has just 555. 


In order to use the plugin, you must be logged in to a Facebook account. After liking a page from the toolbar, you can add a comment and see how many other people have "liked" a page -- the +1 extension shows the count but won't let you comment.

We're sure Google loves the feature that lets users search Facebook for specific phrases by highlighting text on a page, right-clicking and selecting "Search on Facebook." 

Nearly 65 million users "Like" things on a daily basis, according to a 2010 report by All Facebook -- a number that has surely grown.

Other official Facebook Chrome extensions include Facebook Notifications, which makes alerts visible directly from the browser, Facebook Keylogger, which sends Facebook user login information through email -- a perfect way to hack and lose friends -- and Facebook Chat Smiley, which lets users insert emoticons in chat. 

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