Facebook Won't Build Games, Zuckerberg Tells Charlie Rose (and Sheryl Keeps Him in Line)

We already know Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talks smack about Google's social efforts in the interview he and COO Sheryl Sandberg did with Charlie Rose, which will be broadcast tonight. But if you thought Facebook would take on Zynga directly and make its own games, well, Mark and Sheryl make it clear that's not happening -- and note how Sheryl steps in:

Mark Zuckerberg:...So I mean, does Facebook build any games? No. We build no games.

Charlie Rose: You say that today --

Mark Zuckerberg: No, we  ---

Charlie Rose: You say that today.

Mark Zuckerberg: Actually --

Sheryl Sandberg: I'm pretty sure we're not going to --

Mark Zuckerberg: No, I'm pretty sure we're not going to build any games.

Sheryl Sandberg: [unintelligible] we're not going to build games.

Mark later explains why Facebook won't build games despite Rose pushing the Steve Jobs-said-he-wouldn't-do-retail example: it's "really hard" and Facebook is better off being the platform than trying to make products that other companies are solely focused on and do very well.

The game discussion is on pages 23-24 of the full transcript.