Facebook Timeline's First Casualty: Lifepath.me

Facebook launched Timelines yesterday at the f8 conference in San Francisco [ see our coverage of f8 ], prompting the owner of Lifepath.me, a website that creates a timeline of your life's important moments, to sell the site on eBay with bids starting at $10K.

"Why I'm selling it: Facebook released Facebook Timelines, which is exactly what I wanted from the beginning," Lifepath.me creator Dustin Curtis writes on the listing. "So I'm selling Lifepath.me, including the domain, the code, the mystique, and the pitiful revenue stream its closed invite system provides (between $50 and $300 per month)."

So far, only one person has placed a bid on Lifepath.me. The auction is scheduled to close on Sept. 29 at 10:41 p.m. PDT.

But Curtis won't necessarily stop working on the project. Instead he is also offering some of his time to help whoever purchases the site develop it, but he is upfront and warns potential buyers that "no matter what you pay for Lifepath.me, it might not be worth it. The code is pretty bad, so I do not give any guarantees or warranty against anything. If it becomes sentient and takes over the world after you buy it, that's your fault."

Curtis was inspired by the very same man who is responsible for Facebook's new Timeline, Nicholas Felton, and his (pre-Facebook) 2007 annual report.

"He was the inspiration for me to create Lifepath.me, and then he went to Facebook and did a better job than I could have," Curtis writes on his blog. "I think that's awesome."

LAUNCH has reached out to Dustin, Nicholas Felton and Facebook for comment. We will update the story if we receive a response.

Lifepath.me features a horizontal timeline that lets you view important dates and moments from your life, such as first words or your high school graduation. But unlike Facebook's Timeline, which is populated by posts, photos and other activities, Lifepath.me requires users to manually add these events.

One of the more interesting aspects of the site is your actual life path that tracks your journey through life from pre-birth, which is marked by a conception icon, to death.

Lifepath.me is also a poignant reminder to its users that life is limited, noting the number of days they have been alive and an estimate of when they will die.


Nicholas Felton, now a Facebook employee and inspiration for Facebook's new Timeline, inspired Dustin Curtis to create Lifepath.me after he saw the Felton's 2007 Annual Report.

Lifepath.me's timeline begins at pre-birth and estimates that Dustin Curtis' life is 32.33% complete although  Lifepath.me may be closer to 90%.

As you travel, your icon that floats above your life path changes from inception to a baby to adolescence and so on until you reach your death. 

Life does end and Lifepath.me reminds its users of this fact.


Website: http://lifepath.me/

Dustin Curtis
Blog: http://www.dustincurtis.com/
Twitter: @dcurtis

Nicholas Felton
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nicholas.felton
Twitter: @feltron