Facebook Tests Summary Notifications to Cut Down on Email Overload, Automatically Opts-In Testers

[ Image of new summary notifications Facebook included with its announcement. ]

To cut back on the crush of alert emails some Facebook members receive, Facebook is testing summary notifications.

"We're testing a feature for people who are very active on Facebook and receive lots of email notifications from us. We'll provide a new summary email and turn off most individual email notifications," reads a post on Facebook's official page, first reported by Inside Facebook.

Users who are included in the program will automatically be switched to the notification summary format.

LAUNCH has asked Facebook how many people are testing the summary notifications and how often digests will be sent -- we will update with any response.

Facebook currently sends notifications to users for more than 70 different actions taken, including friend requests, comments on photos and responses to your comments on someone else's page.

Users testing summary notifications can go back to the old method by adjusting "notifications" in their account settings. 

Facebook users who are not in the summary notification program but want to cut down email can access their account settings from the top right dropdown menu. After selecting "notifications," users get a list of actions -- they can choose which ones are worthy of an email.

Facebook also recently announced major changes to its privacy controls allowing users to control who they share their posts with, similar to the way Google's Circles work [ see our story ].

The changes also included more controls for members over photos and posts that other users have tagged them. Now, Facebook users will receive an alert to approve or deny any tag that a fellow Facebook user posts online.