Facebook Rolls Out Mobile Updates for Web, iPhone and Android Apps

Facebook pushed its updated hybrid news feed to the iPhone app, Android app and mobile site today, after launching its web redesign earlier this week [h/t Inside Facebook]

With the mobile update, users can no longer view separate feeds of Top News and Most Recent Feeds. The news feed shows, in the following order, Top Stories, Recent Stories and "From Earlier Today." However, you can still sort the feed by type of update, including Status Updates, Photos and Links using Smart Lists.

More Facebook updates are expected to come at the F8 conference today. http://www.facebook.com/f8 


Top stories are identified by the the blue triangle in the top left corner.

Recent Stories follow below the Top Stories to keep you up-to-date with what your friends are saying. 

From Earlier Today is a combination of Top Stories and Recent Stories.  

Users can sort the feed by Photos, Links, Events and more. In this example, click "Links" in the top right corner to open the news feed filter options.