Facebook (Again) Wants to Stop Data Exporting -- This Time via Google Chrome Extension

Facebook started removing users' emails from profiles July 5th to prevent users from exporting data, but some are still able to capture friends' email addresses using the Facebook Friend Exporter Google Chrome extension (see screen shots below).

The export process, which can take hours so as not to tip off Facebook to the activity, is set up so you can easily have all your friends in a Google+ "import" circle and invite them -- exactly what developer Mohamed Mansour told LAUNCH he set out to do when he created the open-source extension [ he's accepting patches on GitHub here ].

"The only way Facebook can shut down the app is by removing emails of friends," Mohamed wrote in an email. "And that is what they did, they throttled the display of emails."

The extension has nearly 55K users and about 3.5K weekly installs. Mohamed is accepting donations for his work via PayPal.

"Worked perfectly fine for me," user Peanut posted in the reviews. "I exported to both Gmail and a CSV file. I've got my facebook friends in both Gmail and Outlook now."

It does not work for everyone, however. One reviewer said the app successfully scanned the contacts but couldn't find any email addresses.

Google+, on the other hand, very deliberately includes a "data liberation" feature that lets you download all your photos, profile information, contacts, circles, stream posts and Buzz points.

After installing the extension, you will see an "Export Friends" option in the main toolbar when you log onto Facebook.

If you're not on your friends page, click "Redirect now."

Next, you will be prompted to agree to the terms of services, which first asks you questions like "Does Facebook own your friends?" Click "Let's get started" to begin the export process.