Exclusive: Uber CEO Lays out Road Map--Helicopters, Motorcycles and Food Delivery

Uber, the on-demand private car service, has the framework in place to eventually start providing food delivery and offering helicopter and motorcycle rides, said CEO Travis Kalanick on "This Week In Startups" [ full episode here and our story on Travis's death theat here ].

"So let's say you're in Midtown in New York, and you're like 'Oh my god, I need to get to JFK ASAP.' A town car picks you up, takes you to the nearest helipad, and boom, you pop on over to JFK," said Travis about the potential Uber expansion [ clip here ].

San Francisco-based Uber launched its service in Seattle last week and is also available in New York and San Francisco. Travis said Uber will expand to Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC, in the next few months.

Also on his list: "We will launch in Paris, I want motorcycles on there," Travis said [ clip here ].

After establishing fleets of cars across a number of cities, Uber would also have what Travis calls "liquidity" in cars and users to add services like food delivery while the company takes care of transportation services [ clip here ].

"I just want stuff brought to me, like whatever I need, right now," Kalanick said. "First let's kill the transportation thing. Let's crush it, let's do that big."

Kalanick's vision for the future of Uber doesn't stop at those services. He hinted at entering the private jet market, saying it's worth more than commercial aviation at around $30B to $40B. [ clip here ].

In February, Uber raised more then $11.5M in Series A funding led by Benchmark Capital.

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