Exclusive: Adly Making Its Own Destination Site

Adly, which matches brands and celebrities for promoted tweets, is considering starting its own destination site under a separate brand name so it will not have to depend on other social networks for distribution, CEO Arnie Gullov-Singh said Tuesday on "This Week in Startups."

Arnie said Adly investor and board member Mark Suster has pushed for "more of a consumer destination, one in which you own your own distribution."

Referencing the Fred Wilson quote “Be your own bitch,” Arnie said Fred advises not relying on companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google for distribution, but rather building your own distribution platform.

“That’s definitely a direction we’re taking the company in,” Arnie said (see video here and confirmation here).

Adly's model also makes it an acquisition target: sources have told LAUNCH that Google and Twitter have considered buying the firm.


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