Excelade Video Analysis App Helps You Master All Sports, USA Olympic Skeleton Coach Loves It

Sports video analysis app developer UberSense recently launched a new product into its family -- Excelade for iPad and iPhone, which provides video analysis for any sport, dance form, musical instruments or other types of activities where technique analysis could be beneficial.

With Excelade, athletes and dancers can easily analyze their performance and compare it against their own progress, progress of friends or against instructional videos, similar to the apps for Golf and Baseball. While SwingReader Golf and Baseball offered a library of pro videos, since there are numerous sports, they did not want to pre-populated the app with a ton of videos, UberSense co-founder Amit Jardosh tells LAUNCH via email. 

"Features-wise, for now the app is almost on par with our other apps, but Excelade is domain-independent in that users can add free-form titles and notes rather than use template terms," Amit says. "We have a lot more exciting stuff in development that we will be rolling out very soon!!"

In previous apps, UberSense used to include a set of fixed options to title the video, such as Driver, Hybrid, 3 Iron and Pitching Wedge for SwingReader Golf.

"Similarly, for SwingReader Baseball it was Pitching, Batting, and Sliding," Amit says. "But in Excelade, it is free form; small change but it helps users from different verticals organize their videos better."

For instance, if a table tennis coach wants to help an athlete perfect different types of strokes, it is now possible to label those videos as "Backspin," "Chop" or "Loop."

While it is still too early to tell how successful the app is doing, they "expect the adoption to be significantly greater than our other apps," Amit says. "The reason is that Excelade isn't focused on a single vertical, but can be used by any coach or athlete in any sport, dance, or physical activity - including physiotherapy. The whole idea is to facilitate movement analysis in any domain, and also make it ridiculously easy to share and discuss videos like never before possible."

In November, UberSense partnered with the US Bobsled Skeleton Federation for use by Olympic teams.

"UberSense’s innovation and forward thinking helps our team analyze video like never before,” head coach of skeleton team Tuffy Latour said in November. “This software allows us to post video that our athletes can watch and learn from, regardless of where in the world they are training.  I’m proud to have them as a member of our team and look forward to working with them on the road to Sochi.”

For the Excelade app, UberSense is using a new pricing model that hasn't been tried out very often in the app world, Amit says.

"We are allowing users to use all the features in the app absolutely free for 30 days (both on the iPhone and the iPad) - and then they buy the app only if they like it and find it effective," Amit says. "Unlike a typical freemium model where the paid version has more features than the free version, we want users to experience the entire workflow of our app before they are convinced that they want to pay for it."

To download the app for iOS, check it out here in the Apple App Store. After your 30-day trial, you can get full access as an in-app purchase FOR $9.99.
"If they don't buy within that time, some of the app's features such as recording, importing, and cloud service functions will be locked," Amit says. "But they can still view and analyze the videos that they recorded during the trial period so they don't lose them."

Back in November, sports video analysis app Coach's Eye hit the market to let coaches record and review an athlete's performance for most sports, and even for chopsticks. 


Excelade lets you make side-by-side comparisons for any two videos. Users can take videos through the app, import videos from their computer or even download YouTube videos for comparison purposes.

Sharing options lets you publish to Excelade, email to friends or save to your camera roll.

Coaches can title videos however they want.

List of videos in Excelade.

You can record the action to later annotate with notes, circles, lines and more.


Amit Jardosh, co-founder
Twitter: @amitjardosh