Evernote Peek Launches Virtual Covers for Both iPad Models

Evernote users with the original iPad are no longer out of the loop, as Evernote Peek is now available for all iPads.

"Peek was inspired by the iPad 2 Smart Cover, but not everyone has a Smart Cover, nor an iPad 2," Evernote Director of Marketing Andrew Sinkov writes on the Evernote blog. "Knowing this led us to develop a swipeable Virtual Cover that maintains the dynamics of a Smart Cover, but could be used with any iPad."

LAUNCH has been in contact with Evernote and will update this story when we get more information.

"Of course, Peek is still best experienced with an iPad 2 and a real Apple Smart Cover, but the Virtual Cover provides a nice alternative," Andrew writes.

Peek is designed as a study tool for use by students, travelers and more. Users can create study materials to help them learn a language, trivia or cultural cues. In June, Evernote introduced the first iPad smart cover app for iPad 2. Now, all iPad users can take advantage of the Virtual Smart Cover in Evernote Peek.

There are 14.5M+ people using the Evernote platform, according to October statistics. Evernote is available for desktops, iPhone, iPad and Android. In October, Evernote updated its platform to support iOS5.

Silicon Valley-based Evernote, founded in 2007 by Phil Libin, lets users write, organize, edit notes and more. The company has received $95.5M in funding from investors including Sequoia Capital, DoCoMo Capital and Troika Dialog.

The Evernote Peek app for iPad is available for free.

When you launch Peek, you can select a Virtual Cover of your choice, available in 10 colors.