Enhance Mightybell Experience with YouTube

[ How to add YouTube videos to an Experience. ]

Mightybell, a social application where users create and share experiences step by step, now lets you integrate YouTube videos into your Experience.

Creators can organize YouTube videos into classes, guides, courses and more. To do so, simply search within Mightybell for a video or type in the video code.

In the video above, Mightybell pulled YouTube videos of a mixologist and compiled them into a bartending series. Since MightyBell offers a way of tracking progress through a series of actions, users can easily track their progress as a Fellow Traveler.  

"Think about it as tackling a series of quests," Mightybell CEO Gina Bianchini tells LAUNCH via email. "We launched this because we thought it would be cool to expand with YouTube videos how people are already using Mightybell to organize day-by-day, step-by-step actions into "experiences," or classes, series, compilations, or tips and tricks towards a goal or around a topic."

As a Creators, you can see who joins, as well as limit who joins, where they're from and what they're doing within MightyBell.

"Armed with these metrics, you can make your bartending school better and better by swapping out videos and replacing them with better ones that exist across YouTube," Gina says.

To learn more about Mightybell, see our profile.  

Gina founded Mightybell in 2010 and launched in September 2011. The company has raised $2.1M from Floodgate and First Round Capital.


A Mightybell experience in Southeast Alaska.


Gina Bianchini, Founder and CEO
Email: gina at mightybell dot com
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LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ginabianchini

Twitter: @mightybell
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Floodgate: Mike Maples Jr [ @m2jr ]  and Anna Miura-Ko [ @annimaniac ]
First Round Capital: http://www.firstround.com/portfolio/company/mightybell/