Ducksboard Offers Real-time Dashboard to Manage All Your Analytics, Launching Soon

Web analytics tool Ducksboard, launching soon, provides web publishers with a highly customizable dashboard for real-time monitoring of 45 data points, including Google Analytics, Chartbeat, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook.

Publishers can add widgets to monitor Foursquare check-ins, website visitors, Facebook likes, Mailchimp email campaigns and more on a single page. 

Ducksboard also lets publishers have multiple dashboards to monitor more than one site or service, and offers an API for further customization.

Before starting Ducksboard, creator Diego Mariño founded enterprise cloud solution company Abiquo, where he realized that data management could be greatly improved.

"The inspiration to create this company was a typical example of scratching your own itch," Ducksboard founder Diego Mariño tells LAUNCH via email. "When we [Abiquo] were a small team I had information about everything (pageviews, crm leads, support tickets, development status....), but as soon as we started to open offices abroad, hire aggressively and create departments, the information I managed tended to zero. So I had to wait until Monday-exec-meetings to know what was happening inside my company."

Diego says he got tired of things like spending all day "refreshing 10 browser windows for every SaaS app to gather "real-time" information," repeatedly logging in across multiple data sources and seeing how unproductive it is for employees to copy-and-paste data from all sites to generate a report.

Ducksboard will offer a monthly subscription fee with plans likely ranging from $20 to $100 per month. Beta users will get a discount once Ducksboard launches to the public, Diego says.

Competitors include Geckoboard, a real-time status dashboard that shows web analytics, CRM, sales and more, with plans starting at $19 per month., which provides real-time analytics to businesses, offers plans starting at $85 per month.
"Currently, Geckoboard and Leftronic are our closest competitors," Diego says. "They are both offering a really good solution, but aimed at developers and big companies, while we try to keep the user interface simple and friendly. We're trying hard to convey information as clearly and understandably as possible, working closely with a top-notch data visualization studio. We also feel that real-time updates can be a real game changer."

Ducksboard, founded in 2011, currently has 3K users in its beta and 5K on the waiting list. 

"It seems that [competitors] aim at the Fortune 500 companies, while we aim at the Fortune 5M," Diego says. "Our vision is to commoditize the analytics market for all services, in the same way Google did it with Analytics for websites."


You can organize your dashboard using its click-and-drag capabilities.

Ducksboard offers 45 widgets to add to your dashboard for monitoring. You can also customize your own widgets.


Twitter: @Ducksboard


Diego Mariño, founder
Twitter: @diegomarino