Ditch Your Latin Placeholder Text for Slipsum's Samuel L. Jackson Character Quotes

If you need placeholder copy for your current project, may we suggest slipsum.com, a "Pulp Fiction"-inspired take on the classic Lorem Ipsum that generates quotes from Samuel L. Jackson movie characters?

The hilarious NSFW site shows a cartoon version of Jackson -- called Samuel L. Ipsum -- thrusting a gun. On the left-hand side, profane instructions tell you to choose the number of paragraphs you would like, a header tag, and whether you want paragraph breaks inserted.

One of the quotes Slipsum gave us: "You think water moves fast? You should see ice. It moves like it has a mind. Like it knows it killed the world once and got a taste for murder."

The best heading we got: "No man, I don't eat pork."

For those at work, there is a less-offensive lite version (where Samuel holds flowers instead of a gun) as well as one that generates classic Lorem Ipsum text (Samuel holds a scroll).

Slipsum is the brainchild of Liverpool, U.K.-based designer/developer Paul Maloney, who told LAUNCH via email he started by writing a random-word generator to avoid having to explain the meaning of Lorem Ipsum to his clients. But he still got questions.

"That evening my friend linked me to a Youtube clip featuring Samuel L. Jackson and I thought about some of his film quotes and how long they were, and it hit me.. They would be IDEAL for placeholder text. So I got straight to work on Slipsum!" he says.

Because the original was NSFW, Paul notes people were using Slipsum for personal projects, but he think that the cleaner "lite" version means it's being used for client projects.

He digs the responses he's received so far, which include comments like "This is quite possibly the best and most fun lorem ipsum generator I've ever seen."

Paul says, "...it started as something small and fun, but has grown and is causing quite a few laughs across the web, so in my eyes my mission was achieved."


Paul Maloney
Website: http://paulmaloney.net/
Twitter: @P_Maloney
Dribble: http://dribbble.com/p_maloney