Discovr Hits 1.5M Downloads, Launches Movie Discovery App

The company behind music discovery app Discovr, which recently hit 1.5M downloads, just launched Discovr Movies for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.

"It was the single biggest request we kept hearing from users," Filter Squad founder and CEO David McKinney tells LAUNCH via email. "We just got heaps of people asking us to make Discovr Movies."

Discovr Movies features an interactive map of movies, making it easier to discover new ones from a data set of nearly 500K titles.

"People intuitively understand the relationships of objects on a map," David said in a press release. "We use that model to help you find new content that you might like."

Other movie discovery apps include Flixter, which Warner Brothers acquired in May, VideoSurf and MovieFone for showtimes. Discovr now has licensing deals in place with large media companies to offer more content for discovery.

"We've turned down some huge deals from big brands who asked us if we could do Discovr with them," David says. "We look at every opportunity, but they have to be an amazing partner for us to want to work together. Right now there are only a couple of companies in the world who we'll consider for those kinds of partnerships."

Filter Squad launched Discovr Music back in January, followed by Discovr Apps in July. Both apps took off across the globe, reaching Number 1 in more than 50 countries including the US, Japan, Australia, Canada and across Europe, according to the company.

"We're so lucky to have received such a great response for our apps," David says. "We're just at the beginning, and there's so much to learn and do. It's just a great time to be making apps and building companies. Everything we've done so far is the result of the amazing people in our team. I'm so proud and excited to be a part of it. Yes!".

Considering the success of Spotify, we wondered if Discovr has thought about creating an app for Spotify.

"We're also looking at doing Spotify Apps but it is strictly non-commerical (free apps only) so we're not sure yet which is the best way to play that right now," David tells LAUNCH via email.

Spotify introduced apps in late November at the company's "What's Next for Spotify?" event. There are currently 15 apps available on Spotify. Since debuting apps with its launch partners, Spotify has added two new ones: Top10 and ShareMyPlaylists.

"Streaming music is the future for everyone," David tells LAUNCH. "We're massive believers in companies like Spotify and Rdio. They are creating new markets, not resegmenting existing markets, and this is critical for the health of the industry itself. The recent spats between labels and streaming services are part of that shift. Before Discovr I actually made records for a living as an artist myself (yes, UK top 40) and the value of ubiquitous access to music by anyone from anywhere is worth way way more than the declining revenues of the old guard."

Australia-based Filter Squad has received $1.3M in total funding. In January they raised an early seed round of $200K from Yuuwa Capital and closed a $1.1M funding round in October led by the same firm.

Discovr's new app for Movies is now available on Mac and iOS for $0.99.