DigitallyLUX Previews New Service with Infographic Breakdown of Fashion Blogs Worldwide

This infographic breakdown of more than 550 fashion fashion blogs worldwide monitored by DigitallyLUX is the first release from the company which officially launches its ad network next week.

"While managing our own advertising needs within the fashion and style blogosphere, and trying to scale for growth, we developed our own system to monitor and track the publishers in real-time," Elizabeth Wahler, Kiére Media and DigitallyLUX CEO says. " We found this to be 100% efficient and exactly what we were looking for to keep our eyes on the digital pulse of fashion, an excellent way to forecast relevant media buys for ourselves and clients, and plan marketing events."

DL's ad network will connect brands with influential fashion bloggers to create symbiotic relationships between blog publishers and advertisers.

The most striking statistic from DL's breakdown is that North American-based fashion blogs have the most Twitter followers compared to the rest of the world -- more then six times as many followers as European-based blogs.

The blogs analyzed by DL have been selected internally as the company strives to stay on top of "what's fresh" in the fashion blogging world. Of that list, North American-based fashion blogs are in the majority with 304.

Another interesting thing DL found was that not all blogs are using Twitter or Facebook to promote themselves or interact with their fans.

The graphic shows that North American blogs are pretty well rounded as far as published content goes, which is categorized as either editorial, street style, DIY or personal style.

Australia features the highest percentage of editorial content, 44%, and the most street style content, 12%.

Not to be outdone, South America holds the title for the most DIY material, 41%, and the United Kingdom publishes the most personal style content, 41%.

Another interesting piece of this infographic is its incorporation of the average Klout score. South American's have the highest at 54, but that comes with the fewest number of blogs overall, as only seven were tracked by DL.

Elizabeth founded Kiére Media in 2004 and followed that with the launch of LadyLUX in 2008. Since then the companies have branched out to include a new media agency, content house and a network of luxury retail consultants.



Elizabeth Wahler, CEO
Twitter: @lux4good!/lux4good