Digerati Who Ordered the Kindle Fire Today

Plenty of people are asking "Will you buy a Kindle Fire?" the 7" color touch-screen tablet Amazon debuted this morning. But we are most interested in who among the digerati are paying the sweet price of $199 for it.

In addition to our founder Jason Calacanis (who has ordered two), angel investor Bill Lee confirmed on his Google+ post about the Kindle that he's ordered his already. That same post is where we learned that Georges Harik, angel investor and advisor to the Google Ventures team, said he was going to get one. Georges called the $199 price "pretty compelling."

We saw that GDGT co-founder Peter Rojas added the Kindle Fire to his GDGT "want" list.

Robert Scoble told his Google+ followers to "go order" the Kindle Fire -- although he hasn't confirmed it, we're betting that means Scoble took his own advice.

David DiFranco, a YouTube partner, uploaded this video about why he's buying the Kindle Fire -- he calls it a steal at $200.

Atul Chitnis, a leader in India's technology scene, tweets "Amazon's Kindle Fire is a dedicated storefront for Amazon. It is NOT the Droid you were looking for. Which is why I am getting one :)"

Considering the launch is U.S. only -- which has upset Canadians who want a Kindle Fire -- we think he might be waiting awhile.

Have you ordered a Kindle Fire yet? Tell us why or why not in the comments.