Demo Pit Tables @ LAUNCH

[ GreenGoose was in the Demo Pit at LAUNCH '11 when a Grand Jury member selected it to present at the end of day one. While on stage, founder Brian Krejcarek had a number of people commit to invest a total of $100K (more here and here). ]

This year at the LAUNCH Festival we're trying to get as many amazing startups involved as possible. This means 40 killer brand-new startups and products on stage as part of our 1.0 and 2.0 competitions (read more here to understand the difference).

Additionally, on each of the two days, our Grand Jury will select a couple of companies from the Demo Pit area to come on stage and show their products. If you're an already launched company looking to meet angels, VCs and perhaps get up on stage, sign up for a table. These tables are for qualified startups only (e.g., not for law firms or head hunters), and we're giving away the first 100 at just the cost of the physical table, chairs and wifi ($500).

Almost half of these table are gone.... so sign up now.