Delicious Revamps User Interface, Improves Discovery with Stacks

Delicious just updated its design to change how users see content and enhance discovery through Stacks.

"We’ve begun a comprehensive overhaul of how the Delicious UI deals with information density and hierarchy, while applying a clean, consistent style," the Delicious blog states. "Giving Delicious an interface flexible enough to add new features moving forward was a strong consideration. It required us to take into account overarching themes like how content types get presented (stacks, links, actions, and so on) to minute details like a consistent button style."

Delicious Stacks, which launched back in September to offer users a playlist-like way to share content, are now more visually appealing and easier to navigate. Delicious took a few of the following things into consideration when enhancing discovery through Stacks, according to the blog:
  • More prominent comments from the stack creator to add a greater level of personalization
  • A more informative presentation with better content previews, to give a clearer sense of what’s behind each click
  • Better media display that showcases quality images and compelling video
You can also find Stacks based on your interests now that they are categorized into areas like comedy, food, music and sports.

"Delicious has been a work in progress since the beta re-launch, with our attention primarily on completing the migration from Yahoo!.," the blog states. "We’re focused now on innovating Delicious to empower web discovery, and actively building the team and dedicating the resources to make it happen."

AVOS, the latest company from YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, acquired Delicious from Yahoo! in April 2011. Delicious users had until Sept. 23 to transfer their bookmarks to AVOS. 


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