Cool Ripples from the Dalai Lama to Kevin Rose (Three Degrees of Uber-shares)

It's hard not to love the Ripples feature Google+ added yesterday, though the most impressive graphics come from those with hundreds or thousands of public and recent reshares.

We dig the list of cool Ripples Google+ Product Marketing Manager Louis Gray posted -- which itself got reshared hundreds of time to create the Ripple you see above.

For kicks, we followed the trail of best resharers, starting with the top Ripple from Louis's list, the post about the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu Hangout. A handful of Google execs saw their shares about the Hangout rehared, but Vic Gundotra beat even Sergey Brin for the most.

To get even more meta, we looked at the Ripple of Vic's post on Ripples and found that entrepreneur/investor Kevin Rose was the top resharer.

We'll end with this Ripple of Kevin's post about Oink, the first project from his new mobile development lab Milk.

Who needs the traditional six degrees of separation when you can be three uber-shares from the Dalai Lama?

Share some of the most interesting Ripples you've seen in the comments.