Cool: BuzzData Releases API So Developers Can Use Its Facebook-for-Data Platform

BuzzData, a social network for publishing, sharing and discussing data, has launched its beta API.

"We've attracted the interest of such a unique, diverse community over the last few months, we can't wait to hear more suggestions from you," the BuzzData team writes on their blog.  

Developers must request the API key from beta at buzzdata dot com. The API documentation is also available on Github

BuzzData, founded in October 2010 and launched in July 2011 by Pete Forde and Mark Opausky, has data sets on topics from B-list celebrities to Economist Intelligence Unit global inflation forecasts.

But its sexiest data has to be marijuana prices sorted by regions worldwide, from

BuzzData approached Priceofweed for its data in August to combine it with data it had from a marijuana-growing operation in Toronto. 

The founders believe anyone should be able to publish and discuss data, a tenet of the Open Data movement.

As Pete told a government tech blog in May, "I think that people are going to start realizing that open data is a very pro-democracy way of thinking about technology. A lot of the early adopters are finding that in terms of civic concerns, that open data is the first time that there's a short turnaround, low overhead between municipal bodies and the people who they're serving." 

Your profile pages show who you're following, followers, followed topics, data sets and recent activity. 

The site includes charts, graphs and visualizations, not just spreadsheets.