Condition ONE Brings You Inside the Story, Immersive Video App Now Available on iPad

Condition ONE Demo from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo.

Condition ONE just released its immersive video app for iPad that takes viewers inside of experiences such as the revolution in Libya, insurgency in Thailand and war-like violence on the streets of New Orleans. 

Condition ONE, which won "Best in Show" at the LAUNCH 'Pad tablet conference in October, lets visual storytellers immerse their viewers into a scene. When played on the iPad, users simply tilt, pivot or swipe to view the scene from different angles. While the app doesn't offer a full 360-degree view, there is a wide enough field of view to make you feel like you're really there. 

"We merge technology and creativity to push the limits of visual content and provide technology for immersive experiences on tablet devices," Condition ONE CEO Danfung Dennis tells LAUNCH via email.

Condition ONE has two viewing options: Immersive and Touch mode. Immersive mode works using the iPad's gyroscope. 

For now, there are three 10- to 15-minute experiences available for free on the app, all of which were created by photojournalist Patrick Chauvel, who started covering the Vietnam war when he was 18 years old. 

In order to make the videos truly immersive, users must download the experiences in-app. The videos are about the size of an HD movie.

"Future Condition ONE content will be provided by media companies that create a branded channel within the Condition ONE app,"  Danfung says. "This allows a seamless solution for media companies that want to try immersive video technology without changing their existing workflow."

Media companies will also be able to license Condition ONE technology, like the tablet platform, iimmersive camera system, workflow and post-production technologies, and embed into existing apps, Danfung says. Condition ONE is also developing for Android and enterprise applications. 

Danfung directed the award-winning documentary "Hell and Back Again," and was inspired to change filmmaking after covering the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2006. You can download Condition ONE for free here.


Danfung presents Condition ONE at LAUNCH 'Pad.

Insurgency in Thailand experience immerses you in a world of a suicide bombers and guerilla warriors who terrorize the Buddhist population.

On the front lines of the insurgency in Thailand.

The Libya experience takes you to the front lines of the revolution where danger is just around the corner. See how deadly fighting in the open desert can be.

The rebel forces tend to one of their own. 

The New Orleans experience takes you to a city in New Orleans where there are hundreds of murders each year.

You can download a preview or the full immersive experience for free.

Ride with the police in an alleged criminal pursuit.

The videos you download will always be accessible in the My Experiences section.

Meet the Filmmakers lets you learn more about the creator.


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Danfung Dennis, CEO
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