Conan O'Brien Roasts the Kindle Fire (video)

While Amazon issued an update to the Kindle Fire this morning, Conan O'Brien's Team Coco still (literally) roasted the device on the show last night [h/t Cult of Android].

Team Coco mocked the Kindle Fire's poorly placed power button, security concerns and other areas of dissatisfaction. 

O’Brien has a history of mocking tech products. In March, Team Coco produced a parody of Apple’s iPad 2 launch video and in June, they targeted the ill-received Final Cut Pro X. But in September, Team Coco shared its studio on Airbnb to tourists who wouldn't mind the team filming their entire stay.

As Techcrunch reports, "owners can now select and remove items from the carousel, the WiFi system is more robust and supports passwords, but most importantly, update 6.2.1 reportledly improves overall performance and the touchscreen response."