Coach's Eye Sells Sports Video Analysis App for $0.99, Others Sell Service for $3K

Mobile sports video analysis tools continue to emerge with the launch of Coach's Eye, an iOS app that provides an easy way for coaches to record and review an athlete's performance. 

The app, created by TechSmith, lets coaches record video to capture the athlete's movement, review the video in slow motion, draw circles or squares to point out errors, add audio critiques and more. The app works for most sports, like baseball, soccer and yoga, as well as for unique uses like teaching proper chopstick technique (video below). Coaches and chopstick masters can also import footage from Dropbox via email to mark the video within the app. 

"It's very well designed, looks great; the best part is that it validates our vision of creating mobile solutions for mobile video analysis especially because a company such as TechSmith is involved," Amit Jardosh, co-founder of competitor Ubersense, tells LAUNCH.

Ubersense offers a free version, as well as a Pro version for $4.99 that features overlaid video comparisons. To date, UberSense has more than 400K users across all of its apps -- SwingReader Golf, SwingReader Baseball and SportsCam.

"The differentiating factor between them and us though is that UberSense isn't just developing a video recording and playback app - but we are fundamentally changing the underlying technology to ease video analysis and communication."

Other competitors in the market include web-based and mobile sports video analysis tool Hudl -- prices range from $348/year to $3K/year -- and traditional services like RightViewPro, which can cost anywhere from $850 to $3000 for the software.

"We love any opportunity for individualized, immediate coaching," Hudl COO John Wirtz tells LAUNCH. "In our minds, the most impactful off-the-field coaching is powered through video, so we're excited about the opportunities Coach's Eye and other similar apps in the marketplace offer."

For a limited time, Coach's Eye is selling the app for $0.99 in the App Store, while Hudl offers apps for iOS and Android, in addition to its web-based platform. Hudl's iPad app ranked in the top 10 sports app for "a number of weeks," John says, and is currently in the top 25.

"It will be interesting to see how Coach's Eye and others like V1 Golf and UberSense impact coaching," John says. "Our focus has been bringing the web and mobile to sports that work with a high volume of video with a lot athletes in the mix."

LAUNCH has contacted TechSmith and will update this story if we receive a response.

Techsmith, founded in 1987, provides software tools and services to enable users to capture, record and share digital content. Some of TechSmith's products include SnagitCamtasia Studio and Jing


Coaches can record video of their team in action. After, they can review the footage with the athlete and identify errors with a circle or square, or draw a line to show the proper angle. 

Coaches can toggle between original footage and edited footage with the Originals and Reviewed tabs. Click "+" to add footage from your iPhone library. You can also share footage via SMS, email, YouTube or add to your camera roll.


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Brook Andrus, TechSmith Product Manager


Amit Jardosh, co-founder at Ubersense
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