Clever DailyMail "Get the Look" Feature Feels Deceptive If Not Illegal

We were on the DailyMail the other day reading celebrity gossip and noticed that many of the celebrity stories had a Macy's "get the look" promotion that popped up on mouse hover. Annoying in the short term, but actually interesting after realizing they were giving you the brands celebrities were wearing!

Or are they?

Correct us if we're wrong, but doesn't trying a celebrity and their outfit to commerce constitute an endorsement, and aren't endorsements supposed to be paid and disclosed? Well, this doesn't feel like it was paid OR disclosed. After looking at this for ten minutes we noticed the tiniest of disclaimers written in light grey that read: "No endorsement or sponsorship implied by any person."

Go ahead and see if you can find the disclaimer. OK, you're back.

Additionally, we wonder if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's outfits are identical to the items being matched. Was Angelina really wearing a $198, Calvin Klein Dress to a photo opp? If these are no exact matches is that illegal trading on another brand's good name?

A final technical question, who is making the match between these items? Is it a Macy's staffer, a third party company?

We're reaching out to Brad Pitt and Angelina's management company, Macy's and the Daily Mail. Do any of our fine readers have any insights into this?


1. "
Why I allow myself 20 minutes a day to hate my husband, by  Sarah Jessica Parker" (Daily Mail, Sept. 17, 2011)


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